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if you fel loose or misfit

first boil water to 50 degrees put brace into the boil water for 1-2 mintutes than pop it into your mouth than put them in to the cold water. This will be moulded according to your teeth

Helps in..

Dental crowding

Teeth gaps

Narrow dental arch

Teeth misaligments (overbit...)

Snoring &Teeth grinding

Mouth/ improve breathing

Improve jawline


How it works

Teethobrace is made out of non-toxic and flexible materials.It creates strong and evenly spread-out pressure throughout the jaw.This pressure results in a better facial shape,define jawline closed gaps aligned teeth and improves dental arch.The used material has the characteristic to fit most jaws with no abnormal teeth displacements.This mix of strong and evenly spread out pressure of TEETHOBRACE WITH consistent nightly use makes changes and benefits possible.

How to use

Before using it for the first time, soak the cleaning tablet in warm water or cold water below 40 degrees for 6-10 minutes and apply a little toothpaste to rinse before and after each use.

You can use a denture cleaner or a home solution and brush the teethobrace aligners with a soft toothbrush. Remember to rinse them with lukewarm water before popping them back in your mouth.

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